Saturday, March 24, 2012

The One With A Movie...

“Hey, zip your face!”
“Zip my face?  Are you serious?”
“Yeah, he said ‘zip your face’.”
“That’s you’re best line?  That’s your best line tough guy?”
“You heard me.  Zip your face.”
“Why don’t you just zip your vagina, Raymond Burr!”
“I have no idea how to respond to that!”

Charlie giggled as she watched Date Night, her laugh vibrating against James’ chest.

It was a low-key Thursday night.  James didn’t like to do too much the night before a game, so he suggested an early movie at Charlie’s place.

James was too tall to fit on her couch and had to bend his knees.  Charlie snuggled in beside him using his left arm as a pillow.

I don’t see what the problem is with spooning, he thought.  What guy wouldn't want this?

He thought the movie was funny, but not as much as Charlie.  She was laughing the whole time, her head fell back against him with glee when she thought it was really funny.  James loved the sound of it.  When she thought something was funny she’d scrunch her nose up and smile, a child-like giggle escaping.  And when something was hysterical she would through her head back, her eyes closed, as her mouth would open slightly but no noise, she would just gasp for air.

Head falling back, eyes closed, mouth open… reminds me of something else…  Down boy!

But it was hard not to let his mind wander.  Whenever Charlie would shift her t-shirt would ride just a hair up her stomach.  James wanted so badly to move his hand from her hip to the exposed skin just above her jeans.

Watch this, he snickered to himself.

James reached across Charlie and grabbed the remote from the table, turning it up just a notch.  When he drew his arm back, he draped his hand above her waist.

Slowly he began to twist the hem of her top around his fingers.  After a few minutes, James slipped his hand under her shirt, resting it gently on her stomach.

Charlie wrapped her leg back around his, she sighed and cuddled in closer to him.

James dropped his head down and nuzzled into her neck.  He placed a trail of kisses from her shoulder blade to behind her ear.

“You’re missing the movie,” she giggled.

 “I’ve seen it before,” he whispered heavily in her ear before rolling onto her, securing her in his arms.  Charlie didn’t put up a fight, and instead she wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. 

James took in the sight before him, or under him really. 

His finger lightly traced the small curve of the bridge of her nose, then along the faint scar just above her upper lip.  She closed her eyes as James slowly counted each freckle under her right eye.  When his fingers followed the soft line of her jaw he kissed her.


Tina Fey and Steve Carell no longer had their attention, not when they were distracted with each other’s lips and hot-to-the-touch skin. 

All it took was for one kiss, one kiss and things got heated pretty quickly. 

James ducked down and kissed the flesh of her bare neckline, occasionally grazing his teeth across her collarbone.  Charlie threaded her fingers up into his hair, clutching onto fistfuls whenever James would nip at her skin.

While one hand played with the boundaries and stroked along the soft flesh just below her bra, the other moved down her back and grabbed onto her ass firmly.  He pulled her up to him as he grinded himself down.

Charlie bit her lip as a battle between good and evil broke out inside.

She’d be a liar—and an idiot—if she said she didn’t want this.  Quite honestly if things didn’t stop there, she would regret nothing in the morning she was sure of it.  James was winning her over, body and mind.  His charming personality and ridiculously gorgeous body was becoming a fixture in her life.

But then it would creep up in the back of her mind, the idea that things were moving too fast.  She hadn’t even known James for a month.  For some girls that doesn’t mean anything, but Charlie wasn’t one of them.  She didn’t want be just another girl to James, she wanted to be ‘the girl’.

Charlie was brought back to reality when James made his way back up to her lips.  The taste of his kiss was intoxicating—like a drug, it had her doing things she wasn’t aware of.

Her hand had slipped under his sweater.  She felt him grin against her lips when she gasped a little at the feel of his toned abs.  Charlie dragged her nails across his taught stomach.  James’ hand still gripped her ass, but she was in full control when she raked her hips against his.  It was his turn to gasp.

“Charlie, baby,” he moaned quietly.  “We need to stop,”

“Mhm,” her breathing a little heavy, “You’re right,”

James kissed her deeply.  Charlie bit his bottom lip and tugged on it as he pulled away, winking when it slipped out of her hold.

“Fuck,” James grunted.


This girl is going to be the death of me.

James grinned, stealing a glance from across the couch.  He made her sit on the opposite side, their legs intertwined between them.  He had to be stern with her though, grabbing her foot multiple times when she tried snaking it up his leg.

When the movie was finally over, Charlie made a comment about having to watch it again when James left to see all the parts she had missed.  For some odd reason that made him proud.

Charlie was in the kitchen putting away their drinks and her leftover popcorn.  James sat there on the couch, his arms relaxed and lying on his stomach.  He was looking around the room when a picture caught his eye.

He had seen it before.  It was a photo of her with her mom and brother.  They might not have known each other long, but he thought he’d ask about the man missing.

“Where's your dad?” James held the up the photo from her college graduation as he walked to her at the sink.

He must have caught her off guard because she dropped a dish she had been washing.  “Uh, what?” she stuttered.

“Your dad,” he repeated casually.  “Was he not there?”

Charlie stared at the picture for a minute, her expression blank.  “No, he wasn’t,” she answered indifferent.

“I suppose you don’t want talk about it?” he laughed lightly, hoping he didn't upset her.

She smiled at him, though he could tell it was forced.  “Not really,” she said quietly.  “It’s getting late,”

Maybe asking wasn’t such a good idea, James kicked himself.  Still, he took her cue and walked with her to the front hall to grab his coat.

“Are you still up for tomorrow night?” he asked, a little too eager.

“Sure.  How dressy do I need to be?”

“Don't need to be, it's pretty casual,”

Charlie eyed him, “I’ll Google the place.  I don’t trust you,” she laughed.

“You’ll look great in anything,” he kissed her.

“Ugh, so corny!” she teased.

James tapped her ass on his way out, “I’ll pick you up at 11.”

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  1. I'm guessing there's all kinds of twist and turns in her past. I wonder if one of the boys when slip up about the pens thing while they're out. Oh boy. I have a feeling that even though it was a small lie, lying is lying and she might not take it too well. I don't want her mad at him :(